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The Picture of Dorian Gray​

When Oscar Wilde's book was published in 1891, it was considered dangerous, stupid, vulgar, and immoral, while the writer himself was called "scrupulous." The book served as proof of "repugnant modesty" in the trials against Wilde, which ultimately led to his imprisonment and exile. Nevertheless, the image of Dorian Gray established Wilde's status as one of the important representations of the aesthetic school of "art of art," and together with its hero, it became an eternal creation that survived the limitations of time.

Time is a significant component of current processing. The story of Dorian Gray will be told from the end to the beginning. Willing to go back to his youth and receive a one-time opportunity to gather his sins and thereby make them correct. His image is a reflection of those barren figures that draw his soul from him and encircle him. Ugliness as an allegory for the decay of an aesthetic society that deals with beauty, external and not human. Is this the portrait of Dorian? Or is this a reflection of everyone who watches it?

Adapted, designed, choreographed & directed by

Yehezkel Lazarov
Lighting Design: Nadav Barnea

Costume Design: Alin Lazarov
Set planning and execution: Zohar Shoef

Music Editor: Assaf Shatil


The Cast:
Dorian Gray: Yehezkel Lazarov
Lord Henry: Gil Frank
Bazil Hallward: Aki Avni
Gladis: Liat Akta
Sibyl Vane: Lea Gelfenstein
Francis, servant: Roberto Polack
The Locksmith, uncle George / prostitute: Shimon Cohen
Jim Vane: Daniel Sabbag
Agatha: Ruth Landau
Alan Campbell: Shahar Raz
Mark: Niel Mishan
Jefrey, Gladis' brother:
Eliad Sudai

Production Manager: Noa Anatot

Assistant director: Matan Amsalem

Video Photographer: David Stagmeister

Video Editor: Arik Avigdor

Program editors: Ruth Tonn Mendelson, Rami Semo Rehearsals Photos: Eyal Landseman
Program graphic design: Nutelstudio

Our thanks to the choreographers:

Jamey Hampton, Morleigh Steinberg,
Ashley Roland, Daniel Ezralow
who allowed us to use their dance in this production

Dorian Gray-Trailer
צפייה בסרטון

"Lazarov's adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray at Habima is no less than a masterpiece"... read more


I wish there were other theater artists like Yehezkel Lazarov. He has an adventurous instinct, a different view from the norm and a special attitude to the written word. "The responsibility that Lazarov took into his hands was daunting, but not for him, his vision of how the play should have looked so strong that he embraced with joy almost all the divisions of art: Hedonism, but the loss of sanity, as a director he had faith in putting the complicated concept into practice. The setting consists of white blocks of different sizes that delineate the stage spaces, reveal, blur and deepen the illusion; It was dance and theater work to the same extent .... Lazarov created a stage park full of stimulation. Some of the scenes are complete, others are rich in smart means of expression. I was amazed by talent. The intriguing soundtrack consists of songs by David Bowie, U2, The Cure, Nick Cave, Metallica and more .... Gil Frank as Henry conquers his sly cunning. Aki Avni as Basil presents a clean and honest appearance. Leah Gelfenstein is lovely .... "


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