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An imaginary biography inspired by three characters: Alice from Lewis Carroll’s renowned novel; Alice Liddell, the girl on whom the fictional character is based; and a third Alice, a different one - just a woman. This is a story of love and repression that could have been realized only in Wonderland, and was destined to shatter upon reality’s hard rocks. A story composed of fragments of childhood’s innocence and the death of youth as they are reflected through the looking glass of Alice - a child, a girl, a woman. And what is the moral? “if there is a moral - it’s not Lewis Carroll!”

These are the words of Charles Dodgson, the writer known as Lewis Carroll, written to one of the many girls with

which he used to correspond.

Adaptation: Roee Chen

Director and Stage designer: Yehezkel Lazarov

Music: Efrat Ben Zure

Lighting designer: Nadav Barnea

Costume designer: Alin Lazarov

Assistant director: Tamir Etting

Director of multimedia: Yehezkel Lazarov

Photography: David Stragmeister

Video: Felix Hoffman



Efrat Ben Zur

Neta Spiegelman

Bar Sade

Doron Tavory

Alon Friedman

Alexander Senderovich

Lillian Ruth

Boris Akhanov

Noa Koler

Eddi Alterman

Paulo E. Moura

Ori Yaniv

Artistic director: Yevgeny Arye

Director general: Lena Kreindlin

Gesher in Wonderland: Yehezkel Lazarov and Roee Chen transform “Alice in Wonderland” into “Alice in Horrorland”, and the outcome is an impressive theatrical experience. A theatre review… read more


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