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Mitcha Figa

A new cultural venture Mitcha Figa – half a fig in Romani (gypsy language) and the name of the white horse that appears in a piece by Pina Bausch, is a new cultural venture under the artistic direction of Yehezkel Lazarov, that invites the audience to experience the depth of the creative process and dive into the realms of inspiration, questions and cultural contexts that go into the production of a theater play. Mitcha Figa offers a “theater season”, lasting six months and consisting of a series of multidisciplinary events and a play, which will introduce the audience for the first time the process of exploring and creating theater. Mitcha Figa's theater season consists of a play that is "wrapped" by a series of multidisciplinary events: from plastic art, literature, music, philosophy, science, dance, architecture to video-art cinema, sound installation and performance. The entire theater season will reveal the thought process, the realization of the work and outline the map of contexts that illuminates theatrical work in a new light. Mitcha Figa’s approach preserves the theatrical charm, expands the boundaries of the show and creates layers of context that are revealed throughout the entire season. The guiding principle is that an involved audience is a satisfied audience.

Mitcha Figa will celebrate its opening with a multidisciplinary event that will take place in the halls and courtyards of the Tel Aviv Culture Center, which provided a home for the project since its inception and became a partner along with the investing company Yu Productions. The event, under the artistic direction of Yehezkel Lazarov, will include: an artistic performance, video art, a glimpse into the inner world of the show’s characters, a culinary surprise, philosophical enrichment, a sleepover party and more. The play "The superfluous Man", adapted and directed by Lazarov from the Russian classic "Oblomov" by Ivan Goncharov, will be at the center of the first event. Oblomov's character in the play "The superfluous Man" represents the phenomenon of indifference in social and private life. Laziness, inaction, idleness and dreaminess, are part of the hero's belief system. In this adaptation Lazarov asks whether a person has the right to live his life without leaving a mark - To be, and then not to be. Is the departure from life’s ongoing sequence, from the workforce, and from social life - legitimate in a world that is entirely centered on aspirations, goals and achievements? "I never earned life so I had nothing to lose. I wanted not to run anywhere, but just to be and then not to be..." "The Superfluous Man" will be the first theater performance to be staged at the Tel Aviv Culture Center, which usually hosts concerts, entertainment shows, conferences and more. The show at Zucker Hall starting in January 2022, will provide an exceptional experience through the unique acoustics and the intimate atmosphere the hall creates.

"The Tel Aviv Culture Center is home to the great cultural events in Israel, the decision to promote and to partner with this original and special theatre production was natural to us. Our audience regularly enjoys a wide range of cultural performances and events in a variety of fields. An original play, tailored to the special dimensions of the Zucker Hall, and different in the Israeli-theater landscape, will offer the audience a new and unique experience "- Dalit Korel, CEO of the Tel Aviv Culture Center.

“The Superfluous Man" Yehezkel Lazarov - Director, Adaptation, Set Design Yair Vardi - Lighting Design Alin Lazarov - Costume Design Ran Slavin - Video Art / Photography / Editing Irena Orlov - Assistant Director Felix Shaposhnik - Sound Design Rey Tavor - Producer Paz Galinsky - Project Advisor Gali Zander - Public Relations Saar Gamzo & Yuval Haring - Marketing & Sales Actors: Alon Friedman, Tali Sharon, Vladimir Friedman, Shira Naor, Gal Friedman, Gilad Kalter Partners: YU Production (Investors and Producers - Yu Jingyi and David Galil) Tel Aviv Culture Center Beijing Guangwei Theatre Beijing Xiangyixiang Culture Media Beijing Mighty media China-Israel culture & Art Foundation (CICAF).

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