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"I love Yehezkel Lazarov's head, and the reason is that I have no idea what he's going through, whether it's his Alice, who took Wonderland to the world of panic, or the touch of bereavement, Both at the Gesher Theater - for Lazarov's plays you know how to get in, but you have no ability to assess how you will emerge from them...​ read more


The Russians: Without knowing a word in Russian, Yehezkel Lazarov will star in a Russian version of the series "The Mentalist." Walla! Culture accompanied the actor on the last day of filming in Russia, and with the rise of the exhibition "Censorship" curated by him, he claims there is similarity in the violation of freedom of expression in Russia and Israel. A journey with the snowman...​ read more


Censorship is an exhibition that includes works that focus on censorship of all its performances; Not only in works that transfer censorship as an act of supervision, control and oppression dictated to us by external factors, but also works that deal with the ways in which we censor ourselves, control our consciousness, limit, conceal, ignore and repress....​ read more

Achbar Hair

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