Thelma Yellin High School

Military service: the Air Force band

A dancer in Batsheva ensemble (1993-1997): Anaphase, Kyr, Mabul, Zina, and more.

Theatre studies, The Actors Centre (2000)

Play, director, set design: Every Hour, on the Hour, Gesher Theatre (2021)

Director, editor, set design: A Feast in Time of Plague, based on the play by Alexander Pushkin, Israeli Festival (2021)
Director, adaptation, set design: Lolita/Jeanne d'Arc, based on the novel by
Vladimir Nabokov and the protocols of Jeanne d'Arc, Gesher Theatre (2018)

Director, adaptation, set design: Fathers and Sons, based on the novel by Ivan
Turgenev, Gesher theatre (2017)

Director, adaptation, set design & choreography: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (2017) 

Director, adaptation, set design: Desire at Dusk, short, silent scripts by Hanoch Levin (2016)

Director, Screenplay: Snow, a short film (25 min.), supported by the Gesher Multicultural Film

Fund. Production: Green Productions (2016)

Director, set design: Alice by Roee Chen, inspired by Lewis Carroll, Gesher Theatre (2015)

Director, adaptation, set design: Falling Out of Time, based on Daviv Grossman, Gesher Theatre


Director, set design: Orange Blossom by Joshua Sobol, Tmuna Theatre, winner of the

Fringe Award for best theatrical language (2014)

Director, Play, set design: Igloo, premiered in Israel Festival, translated into Polish,

Performed in Prague Festival, winner of the Fringe Award for best director (2014)

Director, Screenplay: No Lifeguard, a short film, Mannheim Festival, Haifa Festival


Director: Stempenyu, co-directed with Edna Mazya, The Cameri Theatre (2012)

Director, Screenplay: Lashabiya, a short film (2010), Manhattan Festival; Barcelona

Festival; Haifa Festival; Nuit Blanche - Forum des Images, Paris; “First Course” (2012)

Director: Gaza, Givatayim, Greenwich - video-art (2010)

Director, photography: My Wife 2010, Weekday 2009, Saturdays 2009

Director, Play, set design: Radio Heaven, Kibbutzim College (2007)

Director, Play, set design: Hezi, a monodrama, Gesher Theatre (2006)


Initiator, artistic director: Artistic director and co-founder of Studio Ankori Middle and

High School for creative thinking and entrepreneurship (2014)

Initiator, artistic director: AZA13, a new art venue in Jaffa

Initiator, artistic director, curator: "Censorship", "Demonstration", "The Art to Survive", multidisciplinary exhibitions in AZA13.

Initiator, artistic director, curator: Boydem Festival, art festival in Bikurey Haitim

multidisciplinary Art Center in Tel Aviv

Initiator, artistic director, curator: Conflict in Motion, video dance exhibition

Artistic director: Intimadance Festival, Tmuna Theatre (2004)

Photographer: Presented works in Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv; The Jerusalem Artists

House; Tavi Art Gallery, Tel Aviv; Makor Gallery, New York

Actor, Broadway Tour season 1&2 - "Fiddler on the Roof" (Bartlett Sher - lead - Tevye)


Actor, Gesher Theatre - artistic director Evgeni Arye : "The Good Person of Szechwan" (Evgeni Arye - lead- Yong sun) , "Midsummer Night’s Dream" (Evgeni Arye- lead- Lisander)  ,"City"- "Odessa Stories" , "Village", "The Slave" -(Evgeni Arye), "The Threepenny Opera" (Adolf Shapiro -lead -Meck the knife), "Shosha" (Evgeni Arye), "The Yalta Game" (Evgeni Arye - lead - Demitri gurov); "Afterplay, Design for Living" (Lena krendlina- lead- Leo), "Variations for Theatre and Orchestra","The Marriage of Figaro" (Evgeni Arye- lead- Figaro), "A King’s Heart" ( Yankale yakobson- lead- king) . Winner of the Theatre Award for Promising Actor, 2002/3. 


Actor, The Cameri Theatre- artistic director Omri nitzan : "The Wide Winged Sea" (dedi baron- lead- Hannan), "Was It a Dream?"(Omri nitzan - lead- Alexander pen) , "Yentl" (Moshe kepten - lead- Avigdor ), "The Aristocrats" (Omri nitzan- lead- rudi) , "Stempenyu" (Edna mazya- yehezkel lazarov - lead- Stempenyu )


Choreographer: In house choreographer of Gesher Theatre (2001-2006); The Cameri

Theatre (2007-present). Projects include The Dybbuk, The Good Person of

Szechwan, Stempenyu, Happy Ending, A Pigeon and a Boy, Yentl, Was It a

Dream?, The Wide Winged Sea, Variations for Theatre and Orchestra, Yalta Game

Afterplay, The Marriage of Figaro, The Threepenny Opera, The Slave, and more.

Winner of three Theatre Awards for Best Choreographer.


Film: Call For Dreams (Ran Slavin / 2018), Driver (Jonathan indorski / 2017), The Ambassador’s Wife

(Dina Zvi-Riklis / 2016), The Kindergarten Teacher (Nadav Lapid / 2014), Fragile (Vidi

Bilu / 2013); The World is Funny (Shemi Zarhin / 2012); Obsession (Nissim Notrika /

2012); The Fifth Heaven (Dina Zvi-Riklis / 2012); The Shelter (Roy Hornshtein / 2009);

Waltz with Bashir (Ari Folman / 2008); The Debt (Assaf Bernstein / 2008); Three

Mothers (Dina Zvi-Riklis / 2006); The Dybbuk of the Holy Apple Field (Yossi Somer /

1997); Licking the Strawberry (Uri Barbach / 1991);


Television: The Mentalist - Moscow "Starmedia" (Alexey Moradov), Taagad (Zion Rubin),

Mama’s Angel (Eyal Sella); Mata Hari (Julius Berg); Ananda (Ohav Flantz); Barefoot

(Ori Sivan); Room Service (Rony Gruber); Five Men and a Wedding (Eran Kolirin, Arik

Rothstein); Ima’lle (Ram Nahari); A Touch Away (Roni Ninio); Short Stories About

Love (Hagai Levi); The Game of True and False (Julie Shles); Shemesh (Yoav Tzafir);

Woman in Gray (Nissim Dayan); Florentine (Eytan Fox).

Dubbing: Harry Potter 4-7 (Lord Voldemort, 2005); Flushed Away (Roddy, 2006); Cars

(Fillmore, 2006); Barnyard (Otis, 2006); Ratatouille (Alfredo Linguini, 2007); Bee Movie

(Ken, 2007); Shrek 2-3 (Captain Hook, 2007); Bolt (The Director, 2008); Cloudi with a

Chance of Meatballs (Flint Lockwood, 2009); Megamind (three characters), and more.