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AZA13 is a multidisciplinary art space, which is a product of Studio Ankori. The space changes its character from project to project and offers different experiences in the fields of music, theatre, cinema and more. AZA13 serves the model on which Studio Ankori was built upon, a learning environment that is relevant, current and intriguing, adapted to contemporary realities and changing environment, Both for the school and for affecting public space exhibitions and events complex.

Studio Ankori is a school of creative thinking and entrepreneurship established by the creator Yehezkel Lazarov and CEO of Ankori Education Network, Osnat Haber Koton. The events take place in AZA13 incorporated into the curriculum of the students of Studio Ankori, from conversations with the participating artists and learning about the works on show, while keeping a direct and continuous contact between Studio Ankori and the art compound.

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