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Falling Out of Time

"The very existence of this piece is miraculous… Hurry up and watch… A brave, virtuosic experiment…"


"Theatre to be proud of… A masterpiece… An exceptional experience… One of the most powerful theatrical events I have ever witnessed… It’s been a long time since I felt like this, since I was moved like this…

Rating: 10…"


"A masterpiece… Hear my advice: watch the show, share the pain, and remember it… "


"Lazarov created a breathtaking piece… A mesmerising theatrical work… I have no words to describe the intensity of Doron Tavory’s acting…"

Galei Zahal

"It is hard to find words to describe this show, because they all sound wrong and they all do wrong… I lack the words for the experience this show generates…"


"A magical, poetic, painful theatrical experience… Gesher Theatre deserves praises for presenting such multidisciplinary creation… A show that must be seen in order to understand…"


"A fascinating theatrical event… Grossman’s electrifying and authentic text could not have asked for a better ensemble of actors…"


"A remarkable artistic vision… A courageous, original adaptation… I take off my hat to Gesher Theatre… A committed performance of Doron Tavory, an exceptionally intelligent and sensitive actor…"

Yediot Ahronoth

"An exceptionally brave theatrical performance… A smart and courageous adaptation… Doron Tavory is heartbreaking… Alon Friedman is excellent… Mickey Leon in a perfect, powerful performance… "


"A different, unusual theatre. Excellent acting… Yehezkel Lazarov deserves each and every praise… An original, skilled, fascinating artist…"

Makor Rishon

"A theatrical event that pierces the heart… A brilliant adaptation… Gesher theatre deserves praise for proving that a repertory theatre can create new, different and real fringe…"

Yediot Tel Aviv

"Falling Out of Time is unique performance… The best one I have ever watched… Difficult to find the words to describe the impact on the spectators…" 

Galei Zahal


"A complex, lovely and thought-provoking work… a beautiful theatrical experience that truly stirs the heart and the mind. Fascinating theatre…"


"One of the most beautiful, amusing, painful and stirring performances I’ve seen in the Israeli theatre in years. An amazing trip. Do not miss. 5 stars…"

Yediot Ahronot

"A rich and unusual theatrical event… A powerful experience… Exceptionally poetic… The kind that will haunt you long after the show is over. Very little performances tempt you to watch them again, Alice is one of those few. An impressive, outstanding, important performance…"


"Alice is a theatrical magic, an important event in the Israeli theatre, fascinating, mesmerizing, a stage masterpiece that will one day be studied…"


"Something good is happening in Gesher theatre… this reaches it’s peak with Alice, a complete theatrical event that offers the audience modern theatre at its best…"


"A theatrical, lyrical work of art… An aesthetic and poetic piece, a captivating and extraordinary theatrical event…"


"An enchanting, compelling performance, delightful theatre…"

The Marker Cafe

                                        "Fathers And Sons"                                       

A performance that makes you want to see it twice. Dramatic and thought-provoking stage adaptation. Recommended for every audience ... creates a

very original theatrical alchemy."


"A gorgeous production. The actors emit credibility and inspire amazement."


"A beautiful original work by Yehezkel Lazarov. Theater at its best."

Galley Zahal

"Very beautiful ... a sensitive and convincing human drama. A performance that should be watched... A special, intelligent and original stage direction."

Yedioth Ahronoth

"A stage language full of thought and complexity that invites the audience to devote themselves to the extraordinary."

Achbar Ha-Ir

"Dealing with really good literature Gesher Theatre continues to present a unique repertoire line, leaving behind the rest of the theatres... A fascinating and unique work."

"Innovative, daring, powerful and well engraved in memory, a unique artistic experience that you cannot see anywhere else."



The Picture of Dorian Gray

"Lazarov's adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray at Habima is no less than a masterpiece...​" 


I wish there were other theater artists like Yehezkel Lazarov. He has an adventurous instinct, a different view from the norm and a special attitude to the written word. "The responsibility that Lazarov took into his hands was daunting, but not for him, his vision of how the play should have looked so strong that he embraced with joy almost all the divisions of art: Hedonism, but the loss of sanity, as a director he had faith in putting the complicated concept into practice. The setting consists of white blocks of different sizes that delineate the stage spaces, reveal, blur and deepen the illusion; It was dance and theater work to the same extent .... Lazarov created a stage park full of stimulation. Some of the scenes are complete, others are rich in smart means of expression. I was amazed by talent. The intriguing soundtrack consists of songs by David Bowie, U2, The Cure, Nick Cave, Metallica and more .... Gil Frank as Henry conquers his sly cunning. Aki Avni as Basil presents a clean and honest appearance. Leah Gelfenstein is lovely .... "


"Lazarov, who is also responsible for the design of the set and the movement, created a stylized and stimulating performance that in its form becomes the refined expression of the madness of the senses that takes over Dorian Gray.... His choices completely succeed in arousing an unconventional sensory effect... His great achievement lies in transforming the emotional turmoil at the center of Oscar Wilde's book to a world of hypnotic stage that draws the audience emotionally and consciously, and does not give him rest"

Achbar Hair


"Yehezkel Lazarov in a charismatic, charming performance… 5 stars…"

Yediot Ahronot​

"Theatre at its best!..."

Achbar Hair

"Hurry up to the Cameri theatre, that produced another hit… A perfect performance! Do not miss…"



"A unique theatrical gem! An exquisite one-man show!.."​

"Lazarov is a perceptive, expressive artist, that easily juggles between the art forms… A performance full of soul… An extraordinary, impressionistic spectacle!..."

Zman Tel Aviv

"Charming, absolutely charming! I loved every moment. A journey full of magic, elegance and bursting talent of one actor who knows exactly how to make an audience fall in love with him… The best show there is!... "

Time Out

"Innovative, thought-provoking, humorous and interdisciplinary - an original journey of autobiographical fragments of acting, dancing and singing…"

Kol Israel - Reshet Beit​

"A single evening full of so much!..."

Galei Zahal

"Charming and touching! One of the most intriguing artists in today’s cultural landscape. The singing bits are fascinating, the choreography is splendid, and Lazarov’s physical beauty - all come together in a captivating performance…"

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