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Boydem Festival 2011

Boydem Festival is an original art project, initiated by Yehezkel Lazarov and Sigal Peretz, director of Bikurey Ha'itim multidisciplinary Art Center in Tel Aviv. The center transformed completely for three whole evenings, opening its gates to a large audience participating in a unique artistic event, first of its kind in Israel. In each of the center’s rooms, emerging Israeli artists of various medias debuted their works, which included photography, performance, video-art, dance, dialogues and monologues out of theatre plays, and more. Alongside, conversations with intellectuals, academics and art experts were conducted, regarding questions raised by the presented art works: the meaning of “beginning” in a piece, the process of digging out materials, relevancy, innovativeness, etc. Among the participants of these conversations were professors

from Tel Aviv university, dance critics and artists whose works were presented.

The pieces shown in the project were either debut works or works that have been forgotten or never presented, yet maintained their boldness and relevance. The artists were the ones who chose the pieces, recreated or reenacted their early ones, some of which may still be immature, yet all posses the beauty and innocence of beginnings. With a curious, non-judgmental eye, Boydem Festival wished to expose the development of art and artists in today’s Israeli culture, and through that, to inspire young artists making their first steps.

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