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Conflict in Motion

The interaction between the different languages of cinema and dance, like any other partnership, requires flexibility and compromise, which eventually lead to the creation of something completely new. This encounter raises questions regarding the relations between the emotional, more abstract aspects of an art piece, and its concrete, tangible aspects. Exploring these questions helps shaping a successful creative process and a multi-layered art work, that combines the physical, the metaphysical, the realistic and the surrealistic, and offers a multifaceted perspective. With the need to examine a complex social and political reality, comes

the need for complex means of expression, and this new language is perhaps the most suitable. While the cinema traditionally responds to a certain social reality, converts it into an interpretation, dance uses materials difficult to perceive by senses, and transforms them into movement and body mass in the physical space. Under the title of Conflict in Motion, a singular language is conceived, one that is based on three elements: cinema, dance and reality. The artists participating in the exhibition - filmmakers

and choreographers - are usually loyal to their field and seldom engage with different art forms.

As a result of such rare interaction, the creative process assumes a dimension of alienation. The position of strangeness towards the new language highlights its structure, syntax and words, and sparks the creation of a new dialect, a new slang. --- Yehezkel Lazarov

Participants: Ohad Fishof / Noa Zuk, Rinat Aboulafia, Ohad Naharin / Amichy Bikovsky, Tom

Pnini, Romi Ahituv, Ram Nahari / Yossi Yungman, Eran Kolirin, Noa Shadur, Asaph Polonsky /

sirah foighel Brutmann, Iris Erez / Benjamin Freidenberg, Yehezkel Lazarov

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