The Art to Demonstrate forcefully claims its place. From a social evolutionary perspective it seems as though in the beginning we needed to survive, and now it’s only right that we go out into the street and pour our hearts out. We’ve reached the stage of demonstrating. Yet demonstrations became routine - they provide relief, they help finding an answering voice, they

are a dialogue of the deaf, a sheepish act. We have turned into a second-rate sports team, that will never improve, yet never gives up. Steps on the field each and every week and gives its very best.

What happens to the individuals in this team? What are their personal protests? (Other than in social media - ) is our protest relevant? What is the place of the artist in this evolutionary stage? Does he encourage rebellion? Is he the one that provides commentary? That provokes? That avenges? That ignores? How does this affect the artist’s work and where is he located in the

range between “presenting” and “taking a stand”?

In this current exhibition I invite you to experience art that encourages you to go out and hold your personal demonstrations, to uncover your innermost protest. This is neither a hopeless battle, nor a guaranteed victory. -- - Yehezkel Lazarov