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Falling Out of Time

After a dinner with his wife, a man gets up from his chair and announces that he is leaving to search for their son. He is going to him, there… In his circular journey around town, the man is accompanied by the different townspeople: The Town Chronicler, The Centaur, The Elderly Math Teacher, The Cobbler and his Wife, The Midwife and more. Together with them the

audience embarks on a quest of those who are already untouchable, yet still impossible to let go of.

“A man from faraway once told me that in his language they say of one who dies in war, he ‘fell’. And that is you: fallen out of time”

A theatrical event based on the award-winning, acclaimed novel by David Grossman. The audience is invited to a journey with the characters between different spaces and genres, in a shared endeavor to find the right words.

Adapted and directed by Yehezkel Lazarov

Stage designers: Yehezkel Lazarov, Michael Kramenko

Music: Keren Ann

Costume designer: Alin Lazarov

Lighting designer: Nadav Barnea

Voice and speech: Yonny Lucas

A.directors: Sasha Kreindlin, Gal Horovitz

Stage manager: Victor Sokolov

Executive producer: Roman Kvetner

Photographer: David Stragmeister

Video editor: Shira Arad

Sound designer: Rotem Dror

Online editor: Ronim Ganbar

Production: Sasha Kreindlin

A man: Doron Tavory

A woman: Lillian Ruth

The Centaur: Mickey Leon

The Town Chronicler: Alon Friedman

Town Chronicler’s Wife: Bar Sade

The Cobbler: Paulo E. Moura

The Midwife: Noa Koler

The Duke: Alexander Senderovich

The Elderly Math Tacher: Lupo Berkovich / Eugeny Terletzky

The Woman in the Net: Ruth Rasiuk

He is a well known actor, yet in this exceptional adaptation of David Grossman’s novel Falling Out of Time, Yehezkel Lazarov is revealed for the first time as a fascinating first-rate theatre artist. In an interview, Lazarov explains why he is not afraid to make his audience get up from their chairs, and what was the biggest compliment he ever got… read more

Haaretz - Galeria

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