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A man tells himself on stage. An untold life story revealed and unfolds through personal fragments connecting text, dance and music. A personal journey told in retrospect, with plenty of humor and honesty. A story about self revelation and recognition, step by step through time. A man exposes himself on stage, yet remains hidden. He recounts his story through different

people and the unexpected encounters with them. A man allows us to glance inside. He uses his own private memories as a reminder to us all. A colourful experience in black and white. A performance in which the story is told through unpredictable interactions between the different art forms.

Written and performed by Yehezkel Lazarov

Artistic advisor: Yankale Yakobson

Director and choreographer: Yehezkel Lazarov

Musical arrangement: Evgeny Berger

Artistic collaborators: Daniel kaminski, Roni Yaniv

Lighting designer: Keren Granek

Set designer: Yehezkel Lazarov

Set manager: Danny Belinson

Props: Olga Berezin

Video editor: Yaacov Svirsky

Photographer: Dana Kaplan

Sound: Thomas Dietrich

Electricity: Dmitry Gurevich

Leading role: Yehezkel Lazarov

Guest dancer: Elina Pechersky

"A unique theatrical gem! An exquisite one-man show!.."​

"Lazarov is a perceptive, expressive artist, that easily juggles between the art forms… A performance full of soul… An extraordinary, impressionistic spectacle!..."

Zman Tel Aviv​

"Charming, absolutely charming! I loved every moment. A journey full of magic, elegance and bursting talent of one actor who knows exactly how to make an audience fall in love with him… The best show there is!... "

Time Out​

"Innovative, thought-provoking, humorous and interdisciplinary - an original journey of autobiographical fragments of acting, dancing and singing…"

Kol Israel - Reshet Beit​

"A single evening full of so much!..."

Galei Zahal​

"Charming and touching! One of the most intriguing artists in today’s cultural landscape. The singing bits are fascinating, the choreography is splendid, and Lazarov’s physical beauty - all come together in a captivating performance…"

If you’ll watch his one-man show Hezi, and see the central role he plays on the stage of Gesher Theatre, including the new production Design for Living, you’ll quickly understand that Yehezkel Lazarov is becoming one of the prominent actors working in Israel today… read more


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