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Premiered in Israel Festival 2013; translated into Polish; performed in Prague Festival; 

winner of the 2014 Fringe Award for Best Director.

Rafi has been secretly in love with Lenny for as long as he can remember. As a child, he alone was the silent witness to the abuse Lenny suffered by her father. For the past three years, Rafi has been following his beloved. When he realizes she is hiding criminal intentions towards the man, Rafi asks her to join him in a journey to Alaska. The story of Lenny and Rafi shifts back

and forth in time, drawing the injured emotional landscape of two characters with a shared childhood memory. Between burning and freezing, remembering and imagining, the Igloo stands as a sheltered sanctuary in the couple’s wish to take revenge.

Written and directed by Yehezkel Lazarov

Stage designer: Yehezkel Lazarov and Anat Meruk Kapan

Lighting designer: Ziv Voloshin

Sound designer: Rotem Dror

Music taken from the soundtrack of “The Way of the Dragon”

Choreography: Yehezkel Lazarov

Costume designer: Anat Meruk Kapan

A.director: Tali Regev

Performers: Shiri Gadni / Sharon Tal, Alon Friedman / Gal Friedman

Among the shows presenting in this year’s festival is Igloo, written and directed by Yehezkel Lazarov. The show, starring Shiri Gadni and Alon Friedman, premiered in the recent Israel Festival, and depicts the story of Lenny and Rafi, two bruised characters with shared childhood memories… read more


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