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Gabby and Einat, two young children, are standing still in front of the Israeli flag raised in their schoolyard, talking to one another while the Memorial Day siren is about to be heard. A palestinian man appears, emerges either as a memory or as solid reality, and begins to dangerously play a children’s game with an armed military squad.

The film confronts common notions regarding the military, the collective memory, the power of the establishment and the essence of education. It examines the ways in which violence, militarism and memories invade the schoolyard and become entangled with innocent childhood

games, making it hard to tell them apart.

The project was born out of Lazarov’s personal necessity to challenge accepted conceptions, imbued by the education system. As its refugee and victim, Lazarov was compelled to resist the comfortable escapism, and to pick the same old wounds the Israeli education system

tendentiously influences generations of children.

Written and directed by Yehezkel Lazarov

Producer: Rey Tavor

Photographer: Avigail Sperber

Editor: Ariel Kreber

Cast: Loai Noufi, Ofri Segev, Shai Melamed

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