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Orange Blossom

The bruise that left its mark on a warrior in a bounty-hunter military unit has eventually turned into an incurable, malignant wound. The scent of the orange blossom evokes in him the memory of other smells, ones that followed it in the orchards of Gaza, driving him to an impulsive act that exposes the personal trauma as a national infection.

Written by Joshua Sobol

Director and stage designer: Yehezkel Lazarov

Lighting designer: Nadav Barnea

A.director and costume designer: Roni Yaniv

Music: Sivan Levy, Yoav Rosenthal

Set and props production: Michal Inbar,

Amit Raphael


Nisso Khavia

Poli Reshef

Roni Yaniv

Sivan Levy

Udi Persi

Tom Yefet

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