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Passion at Twilight

Hanoch Levin’s collection of short silent movie scripts are brought to the theatre for the first time. The stage directions and the descriptions of action become the performers’ text, and the stage transforms into an imagistic space that traces the wide cinema screen. The words allow entrance to a world full of stereotypes operating in the power-relations between

men and women. The narrow window through which the spectators watch the performance offers a glimpse into a space of pure passion. The eight silent scripts free the performing bodies to find their own speech. They shift between truth and fiction, transgressing their boundaries, exploring the space discovered between them and opening a path to passion.

Director, text-editor and stage designer: Yehezkel Lazarov

Lighting designer: Nadav Barnea

Costume designer: Alin Lazarov

A.director: Chen Chefetz

Performed by 3rd year acting students, Class of 2016, Nissan Nativ Acting Studio, Tel-Aviv

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