Youth Youth Youth

Youth Youth Youth is the first in a series of art, culture and media events, that brings together multidisciplinary artists who operate as ensembles in the public space, and who see the audience as an integral part of the piece and the dialogue it suggests.

Through shifts between artistic languages and media, these artists and the interactions they produce, promote critical social thinking and offer a contemporary representation of socially committed artistic creation. In their work, they deal with questions derived from a digital reality, in which children are as natives and adults become immigrants. A reality in which everything is kept and remembered, without the ability to erase or forget. In this reality, the time is no longer linear, the borders between the inside and the outside are blurred, the language breaks every barrier, each facebook post can become a poem, and rituals simulate reality that simulates rituals. In this intricacy, the artists create a live dialogue with the spectators, who become a part of the piece. This is an attempt to form an authentic, honest discourse between artists and their audience, between adolescents and adults. As part of breaking the boundaries between the museal space and the working space, the private and the public, the first encounter will be held on a weekend on February, in Ankori High School, which has allocated its head offices for the project. Youth Youth Youth will launch the opening of the Middle and High School for creative thinking and innovation in Jaffa.